What is an Exercise Snack? Stay fit with just minutes a day.

Enjoy a different kind of snack.
By definition, an exercise snack is a brief snippet of exercise, usually lasting a minute or two and indulged in often during the day. This represents a feasible, well-tolerated, and time-efficient approach to becoming more fit without spending a lot of dedicated time doing so.

Brief spurts of exertion spread throughout the day can improve our heart vigor, focus, metabolic health, raise endurance, decrease cholesterol/sugar levels, as well as stave off accelerated aging of our muscles, organs and glands.

Most Americans are sitting way too much and live lives that are too sedentary to allow us our full 100 years.Regular vigorous activity is one of the clear markers of a long and enjoyable lifespan.To get the most from exercise snacking, it helps to understand that the primary importance is gettng started by planning on fitting in “snacktivity breaks” during your day.You can set an alarm hourly to remind you to get that breathing and heart rate going!

Just one to two minutes is enough to make a big difference.

Do squats when you wait for the kettle to boil or while brushing your teeth. March or jog on the spot when you have to wait for something. Getting up from your chair and raising your hands all the way up, then sitting back down repeatedly is a simple example. Another one while sitting is to hold your hands to your neck while bringing your right knee up to your left elbow, then bring your left knee up to your right elbow repeatedly. Bending your knees (while keeping your knees above your feet) for a bunch of squats is good. You can add lifting an object with your arms while doing so to bring in many more muscles. Pushups, planks, dips, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, going up and down stairs are but a few examples.

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Happy snacking!
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