Atwater Village Chiropractor Dr. Stan Gale

Dr. Stan Gale’s chiropractic office is conveniently close to Atwater Village, Los Angeles

Dr. Gale’s chiropractic office is located conveniently close to Atwater Village, just 10 minutes away by car or an 18 Minute bike ride.

Atwater Village is home to amazing restaurants, is convenient to other bustling and hip Los Angeles centers, and still seems to maintain an intimate neighborhood feel. We love Atwater Village!


To get to Dr. Stangale, Chiropractor from Atwater Village just hop on the 2 Freeway or try Glendale Avenue.

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Chiropractic Office Address: 

Dr. Stan Gale, 1920 Allesandro Street, Los Angeles, California 90039

Hours of Operation:

Monday – 1:30pm-9pm
Tuesday – 1:30pm-9pm
Wednesday – 1:30pm-9pm
Thursday – 6pm-9pm
Friday – 1:30pm-9pm
Saturday – Closed
Sunday – Closed

Dr. Stan Gale’s Chiropractic Office Is Proud To Be A Solar Powered Facility!