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Dr. Gale Encourages You To Shred!

Dr. Stan Gale is a Los Angeles Sports Chiropractor who helps athletes, dancers, and performers to be their best.

Anything less than optimal well being and functional capacity destroys your confidence and athletic performance.

Dr. Gale is an athlete himself, a long time enthusiast of motocross, well-known by researchers as one of the world’s most physically demanding sport. Even now, in his 60’s, Dr. Gale still rides weekly!

Sports chiropractors help realign the active body so that it can heal faster. Many of Dr. Gale’s athletic clients claim that their chiropractic treatments speed recovery time immensely.

What’s different about Sports & Athletic Chiropractor, Dr. Stan Gale?

Precise questioning and testing.

What kind of workouts have you been doing? What is your sport or physical activity of choice? Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced?

Dr. Gale asks you innumerable questions about your pain points and athletic concerns.

Where is the pain located? When did you start to notice the pain? Do you know what sport, injury, fall, or particular athletic act led to the current condition?

It’s important to know the exact location, character, extent of your injury and how it affects you and your athletic performance.

Once this is ascertained, testing to isolate each and every functional part of the area/system begins.

There may be other areas of the body that are non-functional, stressed, or strained that are actually causing the pain in the area of the body you are noticing.

“Compensation” in areas surrounding an athletic injury is common. Nerve connection-blocks called subluxations in the spine can affect the area of injury or pain manifestation indirectly.

With this method of inquiry and physical testing,  you get to see clearly why the situation has not resolved itself. The resolution thus becomes clearer and easier.

The goal of sports chiropractic is to help you achieve abundant energy, stamina, range of motion, accuracy, strength, coordination, power, balance, and flexibility, so you can perform at your best!

Los Angeles Sports Chiropractor, Dr. Gale Motocross Rider

Dr. Gale — 20 feet in the sky on his motorcycle.

Dr. Stan Gale is a Los Angeles Sports Chiropractor for Athletes like:

  • Surfers
  • Skateboarders
  • Dancers
  • Yogis
  • Motocross Riders
  • Soccer Players
  • Football Players
  • Tennis Players
  • Golfers
  • Martial Artists
  • Student-Athletes of All Kinds

Common sports injuries treated by Sports Chiropractors such as Dr. Gale include shoulder injuries, lower back and hip issues, neck injuries, twisted ankles, and more.


Surfers, Martial Artists, and Adventurers Trust Dr. Stan Gale, Sports Chiropractor

“I’m a surfer, swimmer, martial artist, yogi, and hiking enthusiast. Dr. Gale has been working on me for a while now. I noticed it most when I DON’T go in for a treatment. When I leave I feel more balanced, and over time I’ve felt less and less pain in my trouble areas (hips and low back). I know Dr. Gale is a master of the human body because he always finds areas I have pain in that I forget to mention to him. I love that Dr. Gale encourages me to shred! I actually had one chiropractor who told me ALL exercise is stressful to the body. Not Dr. Gale. He wants his patients sprinting, swimming, and will most likely try to get you to try motocross.”

– Don C., Los Angeles, CA.

Chiropractor For Physical Recovery After Grueling Workouts

“I use Dr. Stan Gale on a regular basis to help me recover from some of the really tough workouts I do. He is skillful, friendly & very effective in helping me recover from these grueling workouts. If you need help with physical recovery then Stan is the man you want to see!”

– Rudi M., Los Angeles, CA.

Dancers Love Dr. Stan Gale, Chiropractor For Elite Athletes

“Thank you Dr. Stan!!! I am so very thankful that you took me in on such short notice when I injured my toe the night before my most important performance to date.

When I first jammed my toe, I thought it would be fine with some ice and elevation but then I woke up the next morning and could barely walk on it, let alone dance in pointe shoes. I was pretty bleak and Aerin and I were preparing for me to drop out of the show. Something that would just about break my heart.

But you saved the day and the show. Thanks to your magical chiropractic powers I was able to dance all three shows without incident and that was awesome. Not only did you put my toe back into place but you also calmed me way down. I felt so much more confident in my ability to perform after I left your office. Even Aerin was surprised, when I went to go see her afterwards, at how much better is was from when I first woke up and couldn’t move at all.

The shows were fantastic and the audience went crazy every single night. I got major applause after my Enchantress solo, the ballet variation from the Nutcracker and during the modern portion when everyone was dressed in blue. When people came to see me after the show they were surprised that I had any injury at all, they couldn’t tell when I was dancing.

I couldn’t have done it without you. I am so grateful for how much you helped me. The whole studio loved you before and now they love you 1000 time over. You are truly Stan the Man, the best superhero ever.

You are the best!”

– Alexis A. Dancer, Los Angeles, CA

Skater, Biker, Weightlifter Finds Pain Relief With Chiropractic

“I’m Christopher and I had really bad neck and back pain. Even Advils wouldn’t relieve the pain. I guess it all started with bicycle and skateboard accidents and working under cars on cold winter nights and got worse from lifting weights recently. So I started coming to Dr. Stan Gale and he helped my pain go away, my energy level has gone up considerably. And for me being a short person, I’ve even had people tell me I’m looking taller.”

– Christopher C. Los Angeles, CA.

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