The Importance of Sleep for Health: Wake up feeling your best!

Reward yourself with a good night’s sleep!

Of course, sleep is extremely essential for the full expression of our physical and mental health.

How about making sleep our time of personal luxury and indulgence? 
Shouldn’t we look forward to stepping out of our awake life and pleasurably embracing our dream world? Every morning, why not wake up rejuvenated and energized?

Greeting each new day as fully revitalized as possible is surely worth putting some attention on. The trick is to implement one simple thing at a time so that your success is more easily realized.

1. If you’re already one of our chiropractic patients, you’ve been educated on how spinal subluxations can interfere with our natural bodily functions. (The base of the skull/top of the neck is particularly important here.) When we’re well adjusted, it’s so much easier to be more comfortable and to sleep throughout the night and wake up fully rested.

2. Your bed, pillow, sheets, and blankets ought to make you happy. You need a mattress that’s soft enough to allow comfort, and simultaneously hard enough to support you prevent sinking in and sagging your spine. Choose a pillow that will allow your neck to be neutral so tilting and twisting is minimized. Learn to adopt sleeping positions that allow comfort as well as minimal distortion. Set yourself up so that as much as possible you feel like you’re sleeping while floating in the clouds.3. We sleep our best in a dark room that’s relatively cool. Black-out curtains or a sleeping mask can keep us happily zonked out without light interrupting us. Shutting down bright lights, TV/computer/tablet/phone at least an hour before your bed-time allows our consciousness to slip from wakefulness and decision-making to peacefulness and blissful dream-making.

4. A gentle fan may keep us cool enough to allow for a truly, deep, restful sleep.

5. Soothing sleep can be enhanced by warm drinks such as chamomile, ashwagandha, peppermint, passion flower teas, and tart cherry juice. Sleep is aggravated by coffee (no later than 2pm), alcohol, soda, and “energy drinks”. Herbs/supplements can be of benefit, however without personalizing their use with relevant testing, results are hit and miss.

6. A relaxing shower or bath is a very common way of letting your body become refreshed and feeling relaxed. Pamper yourself – buy that body brush, natural cleanser, lotion, etc. that make you feel indulged and satisfied every evening before you go to bed.

7. You may find it comforting to have some soothing sounds in the background such as rain, light music, or audio storybook.
Give yourself a half hour to wind down with a good book or listen to a fun, relaxing podcast. 

Then allow yourself to drift into slumber for a good 7-8 hours.
Enjoy waking up bright-eyed, refreshed, and ready for the day!
For those of you who struggle to get a good night’s sleep despite implementing these tips, please give us a call. There may be an underlying condition to be addressed.

Thankfully, there are many solutions to sleeping better so we can all treat ourselves to a great night’s sleep!

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