There’s 2 big barriers why….
The First Barrier
Most “Health” services and products have nothing to do with actual HEALTH.
The “Health Care System” has never made anybody healthy. Health insurance doesn’t ensure your health at all!
When people seek help with their concerns, they’re often left with an unsuccessful and/or bad experience.
At this office, helping you achieve your natural health is our only goal.

The Second Barrier
One size DOESN’T fit all.
You’re unique, your body’s unique. How do you find out the solutions to your increased vitality and function?
How do you know what’s right for YOU, as opposed to a “One Size Fits All” view.
Since 1986, Dr. Gale has been asking  his patients and their bodies questions from all the angles, so that a simple, personal, and workable way to advance one’s health is achieved. By discovering and removing the barriers,  you’ll regain and have pride in your health.