You and your water + the dangers of dehydration

Being well hydrated is essential to one’s full health – but dehydration is rampant mostly because people aren’t aware of it.

They’re “not thirsty”.

Modern humans are often “too busy” to implement and maintain simple things to build and maintain their health & vitality.

My aim as a Chiropractor is to help people do just that!

A healthy body’s approximately 60% water. Your blood is 92% water. To function properly, all your body’s cells and organs need water!

The basic idea is to drink ½ ounce of water per pound of your body’s weight daily. (Example – a 150 pound person needs 75 ounces of water.) Soups, vegetables, fruits, herbal teas, and juices can count towards your water intake too. Sipping on water frequently is recommended, as is adding a bit of good salt or lemon to allow better absorption into your cells.

Within a few weeks, your body will adapt to being well hydrated and you’ll be more naturally thirsty. (Downing larger quantities at once tells your kidneys/bladder to send you to the bathroom too quickly for best benefit.)

  • Without adequate water, your body’s organs, glands, muscles, etc. cannot work efficiently. This can make you feel slow, fatigued, and for some they can experience “brain fog”.    
  • Cartilage, found in joints and the disks of the spine, contains around 80 percent water. Water makes up most of the lubricating fluid in your joints. Without enough, your joints and spine can become achy and degenerate faster.    
  • Water is necessary to help your body deal with stresses, both mechanical and chemical. Without adequate hydration, we’re more prone to inflammation that persists and ages us more quickly.     
  • Water carries nutrients and oxygen throughout your body and carries toxins away. Without enough water, we’d be poisoned to death by our own waste products. Water is the medium through which our body can detoxify itself through the kidneys, bowels, and skin.
  • Being well hydrated gives us more energy, stamina, clearer thinking, and makes life more fun!

Feel Good!

Dr. Stan Gale

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