Choosing A Chiropractor For Epilepsy & Seizures

Los Angeles Chiropractor, Dr. Stan Gale has a track record of curbing the symptoms of epilepsy and seizures.

The reality is even the medical doctors of mainstream Western medicine don’t know WHY epilepsy occurs in patients. They do have some medications that seem to stop epileptic seizures, but these powerful drugs alter your brain chemistry and have severed debilitating side effects.

It’s no wonder that the spine, the protector of your spinal cord and nervous systems stemming from the brain, has something to do with epilepsy and seizures.

Seizures are defined as the rapid and chaotic firing of neurons for no apparent reason. Sufferers of epileptic seizures often have debilitating episodes where total loss of bodily control occurs.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Stan Gale has successfully alleviated the symptoms of epilepsy and seizures by healing their root in the overall wellness of the human body and the balancing of the nervous system.

Chiropractic treatments, as well as trigger-point kinesiology, are powerful tools for unlocking the foundational issues that lead to malfunctions in the body, the nervous system, and the brain.

Chiropractic In Action – Epilepsy & Seizures Curbed By Chiropractor, Dr. Stan Gale

Below is a real Epilepsy Chiropractice testimonial from one of Dr. Stan Gales happy patients.

Chiropractor For Epilepsy And Epileptic Seizures, Los Angeles - Dr. Stan Gale

Christalle B. – One Year Seizure Free, Thanks To Chiropractor, Dr. Stan Gale, Los Angeles

“Diagnosed with Epilepsy at age 25 was the beginning of a roller coaster.

Completely lost and not familiar with epilepsy, I listened to a neurologist and begin taking anti-seizure medication(Lamictal). The side effects were terrible! Dizziness, memory loss,
weakness, personality changes, depression, and anxiety to name a few.

After being on Lamictal & experiencing more seizures while on medication, I decided I needed to take charge of my seizures! Years of trial and error and many lifestyle changes led me to choose the most natural path for “treatment”. I started eating healthier foods, stop consuming alcohol, nicotine, sugar, and caffeine, and transitioned into a more rested / less stressful lifestyle.

In 2015 I was in a bad car accident and needed a Chiropractor to help correct / heal my injuries. I came across Dr. Gale on Yelp and decided to give him a try!

My treatment with Dr. Gale has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!!!!

In the year I’ve been receiving Chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Gale, I have not had a single seizure!!
Last Friday I celebrated being seizure-free for ONE YEAR!

(This has never happened in my epileptic life.)

I truly know it is due to my chiropractic adjustments, as this was the only change in my routine. In addition, my injuries are drastically improved and getting better with each adjustment, including my left shoulder, right wrist, left hip, lower back and neck.

I highly recommend Dr. Gale & will continue my adjustments, even after my injuries heal.”

Christalle B.

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