Auto Accidents

Since nobody ever thinks they’ll be involved in an accident, it’s common that people aren’t prepared when it does occur.
Let me tell you about a case here recently.
A mother and son were rear-ended in an auto accident and injured.
Not knowing any better, the mother talked to the insurance adjuster without any representation.
The insurance adjuster offered her money for treatment and to settle the case.
The mom felt like this was normal and accepted the offer – before even seeing a Doctor!.
A few weeks later the mother and son have been allowed very little treatment (very restrictive clauses in the agreement) and now have to pay out of their own pocket to finish resolving their injuries when of course insurance should have covered them!
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What To Do If You Are In An Accident?

Know Your Rights in Accident Claims

Always carry a pre-printed form or card in your glove compartment which covers all the key pieces of information you should record at the scene of the accident. We have them for you next time you come into the office.

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“I was a passenger in my friends’ little Honda CRX. She made a left turn and a car flew out from?? and completely smashed in the passenger side causing the paramedics to use the “jaws of life” tools to pry me out. The impact tweaked my middle section and I was in the most excruciating pain, but I just kept repeating, “Everything is going to be alright”.
My friend was beyond panic and one of the paramedics was being so rude to her and told her “sh*t happens” and wouldn’t tell her where they were taking me. She was in tears, and strapped to a gurney they loaded me into the ambulance.
The same rude paramedic was tending to me. He asked for my insurance and when I told him I had no insurance he over-reacted. Then he said he was taking me to a hospital and they were going to take all of my money and run tests. I told him I didn’t wish to go with him and that I wanted to be returned to my friend. He exploded and told me I may be paralyzed for the rest of my life and that I may be bleeding internally.

I knew this could not be true since he was not God to tell me such a thing. I was in pain, but didn’t feel like I broke anything and insisted calmly with him until they released me back to the corner of the accident. OUCH! I was hunched over and barely able to walk.
My step-dad told me to go see STAN GALE!

The consultation was very friendly and professional.
I was adjusted for the first time (one leg shorter than the other, which may have been before or after accident) and given whole food supplements (Standard Process) for building healthy bones and ligaments. I went from crawling to walking with a cane to DANCING in about a month’s time! I was able to get on a plane to Europe and spend the holidays there enjoying life instead of being laid up in a hospital. I’m very happy with my results and the professionalism of Dr. Stan Gale! I totally recommend it!” I.M.

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