Chiropractic and Heart Health

Heart health of course is crucial and it’s a great time to take this subject up.

Your heart is the only muscle that works 24/7 your entire life – and the quality of its function is not to be taken for granted.
Patients come in who’ve been diagnosed with conditions that the medical doctors are trained to medicate. But these never lead to actually making the person healthier.
Here, the first focus is making sure the heart’s nerve supply is excellent.
There’s a complex set of many many nerves that run the heart – and of course the origin of these nerves is from your spine. You can have your blood pressure taken before and after an adjustment and often see a big change.
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Tremendously important as well is the nutritional component.
We have to feed our hearts what they need in order to enjoy our full 100 years in good style. A personalized approach is best to get people away from the Standard American Diet (SAD) and onto real foods that are well digested and utilized. Remember that what may be healthful for one person might not be for the next. There’s times when supplementation may be in order if the heart needs some rebuilding. Standard Process Cardio-Plus is very successful in this regard. Co-enzyme Q10 in it’s natural form is one of it’s many benefits.
Wishing the very best to you  and those you love.
Dr. Stan Gale
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