Echo Park Chiropractor, Dr. Stan Gale, Los Angeles

Dr. Stan Gale, Chiropractor In Echo Park, Los Angeles

Echo Park Chiropractor Dr. Stan Gale Los Angeles

Chiropractor Dr. Stan Gale is Located in Echo Park, Los Angeles

Dr. Gale’s location is located in Echo Park, just off the 5 and 2 Freeways.

Fun Echo Park Fact –

“Since the early 1900s, Echo Park has been home to many of the counter-culture, political radicals, artists, writers, architects and filmmakers in Los Angeles.”



Chiropractic Office Address – Conveniently Located In Echo Park, Los Angeles:

Dr. Stan Gale, 1920 Allesandro Street, Los Angeles, California 90039

Hours of Operation:

Monday – 1:30pm-9pm
Tuesday – 1:30pm-9pm
Wednesday – 1:30pm-9pm
Thursday – 6pm-9pm
Friday – 1:30pm-9pm
Saturday – Closed
Sunday – Closed

Dr. Stan Gale’s Chiropractic Office Is Proud To Be A Solar Powered Facility!