Eagle Rock Chiropractor, Dr. Stan Gale

The Eagle Rock.

Dr. Gale’s location is located near Eagle Rock, just off the 5 and 2 Freeways.

Fun Eagle Rock Fact –

“Eagle Rock is named after a large rock outcropping, resembling an eagle with its wings outstretched. ”






Chiropractic Office Address – Conveniently Located Near Eagle Rock, Los Angeles:

Dr. Stan Gale, 1920 Allesandro Street, Los Angeles, California 90039

Hours of Operation:

Monday – 1:30pm-9pm
Tuesday – 1:30pm-9pm
Wednesday – 1:30pm-9pm
Thursday – 6pm-9pm
Friday – 1:30pm-9pm
Saturday – Closed
Sunday – Closed

Dr. Stan Gale’s Chiropractic Office Is Proud To Be A Solar Powered Facility!