For Women Only, Menopause Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Treatment For Menopause

Too commonly women in their mid to late 40s originate menopausal symptoms; feeling depressed, sweating for no reason, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, wrist/hand pain, and of course the dreaded hot flashes and sleepless nights.

Research by Betty Kamen, Ph.D. indicates what Chiropractors have always noted – that women who are truly healthy don’t tend to have menopausal symptoms.

Too many women don’t know this fact, and too many women aren’t truly healthy.

Dr. Gale is an active educator in this subject and teaches it to his patients as well as at nearby Glendale College.

The Dangers of Drugs and Hormone Replacement Therapy For Menopause

Kamen writes about how commonly these women are put on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). These synthetic hormones can sometimes reduce symptoms by artificially manipulating a women’s delicate chemistry, but have numerous side effects. Risks of HRT include cancer of the breast, lung, cervix, uterus, as well as gallstones and gallbladder cancer, and strokes. Decreased bone mineral density is also a side effect – yet many women are sold on synthetic hormones due to bone building promises! HRT can also suppress the immune system.

Medical Doctors are inadvertently influenced by drug company advertising instead of textbooks. These books state that HRTs maximum benefit for osteoporosis is no more than a temporary reduction in the rate of bone loss. Gynecologists who read journals may have read an article which includes “Replacement therapy is the assignment of the gynecologist in order to protect the skeletal system.” Yet other articles state synthetic hormones can cause bone loss!

The Psychiatrists are making money by diagnosing menopause as a mental problem to be treated with psychiatric drugs such as Prozac. From one of their journals, “An enhanced tendency to exhaustion in menopause is dependent on psychosocial factors that correspond to a typically “feminine” role enactment as postulated by social convention.” (Whew!)

How Chiropractors Can Help With Menopause

The Chiropractor’s job is to help a woman achieve a higher level of health. Nerve interference due to structural misalignment is a key factor influencing a person’s health.

Menopausal women commonly have less than optimum digestive systems – though often don’t have direct symptoms. Yet your body depends on good digestion to function correctly and ward off menopausal symptoms. Chiropractors who specialize in nutrition do special tests and natural handlings for this type of problem.

Women in menopause are often concerned about bone mass. When bone mass decreases it’s called osteoporosis. Basic dietary factors need to be addressed. As an example, these 3 popular drinks contribute to osteoporosis – sodas, caffeine, and one that might surprise you- milk! Osteoporosis can lead to hip fractures and makes other fractures more likely. It can cause the vertebra to soften enough to allow the spine to lean forward – you’ve seen women afflicted with this.

The right types of oils – or the wrong ones – can make a big difference in hormone production and balance.

Particular vitamins, minerals, creams, herbs, homeopathy, and foods—if in their natural form and used wisely—commonly make a tremendous difference to hormonal imbalance sufferers.

The healthier your adrenal glands are – the less likely you are to suffer from common menopausal complaints. Ask and make sure your Chiropractor is experienced in glandular balancing.

There are natural alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy and Psych drugs. Chiropractic is ideally suited to help women regain their health and well being.

Most of our patients are women, and success with PMS, menopause, and related disorders is routine. Make an appointment today! Call Julie at (323) 663-7736. Los Angeles, Silverlake, Glendale, Hollywood La Canada, and vicinity.

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