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Top Rated Los Angeles Chiropractor Dr. Stan GaleLos Angeles Top Rated Chiropractor Dr. Stan Gale, Yelp Reviews


“I had a terrible headache one day. I went to see Dr Gale and he spent time really finding out where the problem was coming from. He adjusted my neck and back and after the session my headache was gone and I felt great! Very happy!”

Tracey M.
Kagel Canyon, CA


“Dr. Stan Gale is amazing. I have been going to him for over 2 years and I always feel fantastic when I leave. He is so knowledgeable and an amazing chiropractor! The best I have ever been to.”

Aless H.
North Hollywood, CA


“I’ve had shoulder and neck problems for several years and have bounced between different chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and more. I was ready to explore surgical options until a friend suggested I see his chiropractor first… and I’m so glad I did. Dr. Gale took a lot of time to explain the adjustments and treatments so I could understand them. He also helps you build long term health goals and put a plan in place to reach them. The office hours are really great if you can’t make it there during the day and they’re wonderful about finding a schedule that works for you (shout out to Julie and Debbie). Now my neck and shoulder problems are manageable and getting better and better every day. Thank you, Dr. Gale!!!”

Muni S.
Los Angeles, CA


“I’m am usually anxious when I go to any type of doctor or chiropractor. Dr. Gale is amazing. He is very patient nice and listens to what you have to say and takes a lot of time to sit and explain to you what he is doing. I felt more energy when I left his office for the first time. I would recommend you try him at least one time you will see what I’m talking about.”

Abe M.
Burbank, CA


“Been seeing Dr Gale for over a decade, but now I rarely see him because he fixed me up very well (had severe issues). He’s smart, personable and his staff work with you to get you in and helped. Best to tell Dr Gale what is going on and stay in communication with him, he’s not a mind reader, and best to fill out his handy little sheets that allow you to pinpoint what is going on with you, with diagrams.”

Mike G.
Castaic, CA


“Just visited for my first appt, went great! Dr Gale was kind and knowledgeable. He also took time to educate on various things and why he was doing certain procedures. I feel 100x better than when I walked in and can’t wait for my next appt! Highly recommend!”

Kirsten B.
Glendale, CA


“I am blown away by Dr. Stan Gale. Tonight was my first chiropractic experience, and I don’t think I will go anywhere else! He was very thorough in his consultation and took his time in explaining how and why chiropractics work. He has created an extremely welcoming atmosphere with help from Julie and his wife Debbie, and I couldn’t be more happy with his services. I already feel lighter on my feet and, as an aerialist in training, this will absolutely help me maintain a strong and healthy body. 100% recommend!!!”

Anna C.
Los Angeles, CA


“I use to be a chiropractic skeptic and I am now I am a believer. Dr. Gale is patient and he is sharp and where was my life without him. My first visit was a consultation and I answered a series of questionnaires and at the end he developed a treatment plan. He explains every process. Dr Gale is awesome and I give him 5 stars!”

California G.
Los Angeles, CA


“Dr. Stan Gale has been my Chiropractor perhaps 1986, or 1 or 2 years earlier. In one particular instance in the mid 90’s I was having fairly severe lower back and pain on both knees that just was not going away despite chiropractic and acupuncture treatments. He did a series of tests with my digestive system. Lo and behold, he discovered I was eating too much cheese -I had overloaded my digestive system. He prescribed a treatment with psyllium husks which I got from Trader Joe’s. Ate no cheese for 6 months, and viola!!!!! I got cured. No more pain like that again. I can eat cheese once again, in moderation. I get regular spinal and limb adjustments, a treatment plan that has served my health well. Without these adjustments, more than likely through the years my health condition would be in a relatively bad state. These adjustments help in many ways, as there are ways that the spine is connected to the body’s vital organs. Go for an initial consultation and evaluation. He’ll explain well how spinal alignments are critical to your health.”

Victor V.
Los Angeles, CA

“It’s not often you run into a genuinely good person and Stan is the man. He’s a fantastic chiro and just a good doctor to know. My family, 4 kids and wife have been seeing Stan for over 10 years, he’s very good especially for the price.”

Matt G.
Altadena, CA


“Dr. Gale is the best chiropractor that I have ever been to. He really takes his time with you and gets to the core issues. I would highly recommend him. I love when I leave I feel great and I also have gained new knowledge.”

E H.
La Cañada Flintridge, CA

“Dr. Stan Gale was amazing, he is a super nice guy and his wife is also amazing. I went in yesterday with a severe lower back pain issue, he was very into making sure to check my entire spine not just my lower back, which was awesome. After he was done with his adjustments I not only felt that by lower back was way better, but also noticed other things he fixed, I had been fighting Heel and Toe pain for a long time and never even considered that it was related to back and spine problems but after leaving I felt the pain of my Heel and toe totally gone. I highly recommend Dr. Gale and I will be going back….. I may be addicted to the Chiropractor now… Something I never thought I would say.”

Jorge A.
Los Angeles, CA

“I use Dr Stan Gale on a regular basis to help me recover from some of the really tough workouts I do. He is skillful, friendly & very effective in helping me recover from these grueling workouts. If you need help with physical recovery then Stan is the man you want to see!.”

Rudi M.
Los Angeles, CA

“Such a shame so many chiropractors have given the profession a bad rep. Dr. Gale may be a chiropractor by trade, but the truth is he’s a Healer. I’ve been using him for my back for years, but I went in one day with an earache and casually mentioned it to him. He gave me an adjustment and the Eustachian tube drained instantly. His mastery is in how all the components of your entire physiology work together. He not only treats you, he educates you. He gives you the tools to use to improve your own health. He’s just an incredible being.”

Lynn E.
Culver City, CA

“I could barely walk when I came in today. Now I have my stride back and it feels good to walk. I one session/visit!”

– Jane P. Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you Dr. Stan!!! I am so very thankful that you took me in on such short notice when I injured my toe the night before my most important performance to date. When I first jammed my toe, I thought it would be fine with some ice and elevation but then I woke up the next morning and could barely walk on it, let alone dance in pointe shoes. I was pretty bleak and Aerin and I were preparing for me to drop out of the show. Something that would just about break my heart.

But you saved the day and the show. Thanks to your magical chiropractic powers I was able to dance all three shows without incident and that was awesome. Not only did you put my toe back into place but you also calmed me way down. I felt so much more confident in my ability to perform after I left your office. Even Aerin was surprised, when I went to go see her afterwards, at how much better is was from when I first woke up and couldn’t move at all.

The shows were fantastic and the audience went crazy every single night. I got major applause after my Enchantress solo, the ballet variation from the Nutcracker and during the modern portion when everyone was dressed in blue. When people came to see me after the show they were surprised that I had any injury at all, they couldn’t tell when I was dancing.

I couldn’t have done it without you. I am so grateful for how much you helped me. The whole studio loved you before and now they love you 1000 time over. You are truly Stan the Man, the best superhero ever.

You are the best!”

– Alexis A. Dancer, Los Angeles, CA.


“Arm tingling dissipated after treatments from Dr. Gale. My ankle nerve pain lessened. In addition, I put on needed weight (was underweight) because of eating healthy. I’m smiling more!”

– Brionj  B. Los Angeles, CA.


“Before my treatments I felt tired, achy, and depressed. I could not do many activities – Now after 6 visits, I feel I have my energy back, I wake up ready to conquer any task I am faced with – I wake up w/ energy – my outlook in life has improved 100% – I am going camping next week with 5 of my friends – I would have said no to this trip if it weren’t for how good I’m feeling at this time.”

– Candy M. Los Angeles, CA.


“I’m Christopher and I had really bad neck and back pain. Even Advils wouldn’t relieve the pain. I guess it all started with bicycle and skateboard accidents and working under cars on cold winter nights and got worse from lifting weights recently. So I started coming to Dr. Stan Gale and he helped my pain go away, my energy level has gone up considerably. And for me being a short person, I’ve even had people tell me I’m looking taller.”

– Christopher C. Los Angeles, CA.


“Before: I got a really bad virus, which was believed to be West Nile. I had terrible headaches and joint aches everywhere. As a result, I was put on all sorts of medications including Dilaudid, Noroxin, and Fentanyl patches. After seeing Dr. Gale for about a month, I am off all medications. I’m much stronger now and my energy is a lot better. I was only able to sleep for 3 – 4 hours straight before and now I’m able to sleep alot better. The virus was taking forever to leave my body and my doctors told me it could take 6 months to a year to feel better. I’m proud to report that I am getting better rapidly after seeing Dr. Gale.”

– Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA.


“I talked with Dr. Gale a year or so ago as my knees has been hurting a lot from going up and down steps. (I am a Construction Contractor) Also the back of my left thumb was sore at times. I have been getting more sleep – though still need to improve this – and getting adjustments and nutritional supplements from Dr. Gale. A couple weeks ago I did a job with about 50 steps up to the front door. I made the round trip at least a dozen times. At the end of the job (several hours) my knees were not sore at all. Also my thumb is doing a lot better. Thank You Dr. Gale!”

  • Brandon R. Los Angeles, CA.

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