Dr. Stan Gale, Fertility Chiropractor Discusses Fertility, Aging, and Later Pregnancy

Dr. Stan Gale is A Los Angeles Fertility Chiropractor With Tools And Methods To Help Couples Have The Healthy Children They Desire

Fertility, Aging, and Later Pregnancy

You may have noticed that women are having babies at later ages. (Witness that 63 year old mom!.) Many couples are electing to wait before having kids in order to get themselves better established so as to welcome a baby more wholeheartedly.

Yet there’s a tendency for fertility to diminish as age rises.

There’s also a lot of unpleasant warnings and undue fear generated about “later” pregnancies.

Many expensive and invasive fertility techniques have arisen – all largely unsuccessful.

The truth is that people’s overall health level has a lot to do with their fertility level.

1/3 of infertility stems from the male – not the female.

Nutrition plays a much larger role in fertility then is commonly believed. Nutrition is a health basic which is almost universally managed unprofessionally – despite the consequences. (As examples, folic acid taken before pregnancy can prevent certain birth defects, and vitamin B12 can help increase sperm count.)

Nerve interference (pinched nerves) which can quietly destroy reproductive capability,

almost always go undetected and unresolved.

Blood sugar, hormonal, and weight imbalances can have profound effects on conception and pregnancy, but are often overlooked.

As a Chiropractor for many years, many a child has been born to “infertile” couples once the future parents’ health level was brought higher.

Women who’d had second thoughts about motherhood because of their age or past failures are now proud moms with a much richer life.

A truly complete exam checks the functional levels of the body. This is different then a mere blood test or blood pressure check. A Chiropractic Doctor who works with fertility/pregnancy will do special tests to isolate precisely which parts of the body are functioning normally and which parts aren’t. Much of this faculty comes from a subject called Applied Kinesiology, a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment technology that most Doctors are not trained in.

There’s a huge wealth of helpful information concerning helping conception, pregnancy, easing delivery etc. NATURALLY that most people aren’t aware of. This is needs to be remedied.

People who aren’t familiar with how much Chiropractic and nutrition can do for them are often amazed at the results. But people yearning for a child have the most to gain – a brand new miniature person in their own likeness!

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