The Fatigue Zone

Do you enjoy feeling exhausted, being tired for no reason, or waking up and wanting to go back to bed?
Silly question – right? But you wouldn’t believe how many people “get used to” their body acting in such a manner. This is the “fatigue zone”.
Do you get a kick out of experiencing aches and pains?
The “fatigue zone” can make you feel you’d rather be anywhere but near your body!
Do you make a hobby out of being ill to often – and taking too much time to recover?
Perhaps you unknowingly stepped into the “fatigue zone”.
Stressed out? Can’t sleep? Telling yourself the reason you don’t feel great is because you’re “getting older”? Look in the mirror – you’re another unwitting witness of the “fatigue zone”.
So once you’ve arrived, what do you do? Well – drink coffee! Here’s a very common solution – but it uses up body reserves and wears out your adrenal glands.
People addicted to caffeine need more and more. They’ll suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit.
How about jumping on the latest bandwagon – the “miracle vitamin” of the month!?
(Or mineral, enzyme, bark, tea, cream, mantra, etc.) If you’re like most people – you get fatigued just hearing mention of the latest do-it-all “discovery”.
The truth is – there is no “miracle pill” that solves the “fatigue zone”.
Only by finding and correcting the true, specific, underlying cause(s) of fatigue can one achieve higher energy and health levels.
Why is a Chiropractor so often successful in this area? Because Chiropractic Doctors aren’t trained to fight symptoms – they’re trained to create health.
The “fatigue zone” may involve low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), anemia, thyroid / adrenal / hormonal problems, nutritional imbalance/deficiency, toxicity, infection, sleep disorders, etc.
But behind these there’s usually a neurologic (having to do with nerves) imbalance associated with spinal misalignment. These are often undetected by those in the “fatigue zone”, even those who are suffering from pain. Nerve imbalance actually means the body is less alive.
One’s body natively seeks normal function and balance of its’ internal systems.
It does this through your nervous system – the body’s computer.
It monitors and controls all body function.
Without a correctly functioning nervous system, the body will not correct and restore itself no matter what substances are given.

A Clue
Anyone who’s read this far may be curious if they themselves, (or someone they love) may have an undetected problem which could lead them to the “fatigue zone”.
One important clue is your posture. You should have good posture without having to think about it. If you’re slouched or bent or physically uncomfortable during an average 24 hour period – your nervous system might have a problem – and you should be checked. (This is a completely non-painful experience.) The author hasn’t yet met someone in the “fatigue zone” who has excellent posture.
The “fatigue zone” means lost vitality. Lost vitality is lost expression of life. The “fatigue zone” denies one their comfort, productivity, and happiness.
Being here is usually completely unnecessary.
Why spend another day only partly alive? If you live in or near Los Angeles, call and arrange an appointment now!

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