Why come to Dr. Stan Gale for lower back pain?

Every week the great patients here send in referrals – people that have a health condition that they want to have handled. So it’s always someone’s aunt, boss, neighbor, or friend who sits down in front of me and explains their physical situation. Almost half of these hopeful people have Lower Back Pain as their chief complaint. After 30 years as a Chiropractor, you can imagine that every low back problem that is possible has passed though these doors. Extensive experience and a personalized approach is what works the best. A very thorough history must be done – often people forget details that may be important.

One of the real common things that comes up is they really know very little about their spine or what stresses may effect it. ( Even if they’ve been to other Doctors first.)
Before anythings done here – you’ll be notified about how your spine is built and how problems can occur.
Another common circumstance is that people with low back pain have never undergone a thorough examination. Unfortunately the “Standard of Care” in this area is cause for chagrin.
You’ll  be led through and shown how the examination allows both of  us to see how isolating motion and function can lead to understanding factors relating to the pain’s cause and resolution.
Spinal disc problems – what can be done?
Many different techniques are employed to handle lower back and disc issues.
A specialty here is to determine which techniques will best benefit each individual.
Each is explained as appropriate, and you’ll be shown what’s best for your body.
A very effective technique done successfully here regularly is Spinal Decompression/Flexion-Distraction. (Shown above.)
If you or someone you know is having a life interrupted by low back pain, it makes sense to see if safe, effective and affordable pain relief may be of benefit.
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