For many, life is a headache.

Americans spend more than 4 Billion dollars a year on over-the-counter pain relievers for headaches. Industry loses 50 Billion yearly due to absenteeism and medical expenses associated with headaches. Many silently suffer – and even state they “get used to having headaches”. Fortunately, most needn’t continue living with pain.

Many things can cause headaches. Research shows that the most common source of headaches involves misaligned vertebra. This causes nerve pressure which can induce tension or migraine headaches.

Tension headaches.
Often, spinal vertebra become misaligned without the persons knowledge. (Poor posture, sleep position, fatigue, old injuries, etc.) This causes nerve pinching, which irritates surrounding neck muscles. The neck muscles then tighten up (spasm) to protect the misaligned vertebra. This irritates underlying nerves in the neck. These irritated nerves send warning signals up to the head muscles. In response, they tighten up in retaliation. This creates a chain reaction of spasm and constricting pain encircling the head – a tension headache.

Migraine headaches.
Migraines often begin with misalignment either irritating a spinal nerve or/and restricting blood flow to the head. This makes the blood vessels in the head start to swell, irritating surrounding nerves – causing the throbbing pain of a migraine headache.

Chiropractic Doctors examine a person for the source (or sources) of their headaches. After locating any misaligned vertebra, the Chiropractor manually applies gentle pressure to reposition the vertebra. This is called an adjustment. This restores normal nerve flow, canceling the pain and muscle spasms. Additionally, the best Chiropractors deal with any and all factors which may adversely effect one’s health i.e. nutrition, exercise, fatigue, etc.

If you suffer from headaches, a Chiropractic spinal checkup is about the best thing you can do. Chiropractic’s safe, gentle, drugless methods have helped millions of headache sufferers over the years.

Life’s challenging enough – who needs another headache?

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