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About Us
Family Health
A vast array of tools regarding fertility, pregnancy, birth, nursing, infants, toddlers, kids, teenagers,  all the way up through adulthood and full maturity are available to make life more fun through the natural expression of physical health. Thorough communication along with multi-faceted yet easy testing allows your family’s health to flourish.


Dr. Stan Gale and his family


Athletes, dancers, musicians, performers all need to be their best. Anything besides feeling great can destroy one’s confidence. As Dr. Gale is an athlete himself, he’ll help you achieve abundant energy, stamina, range of motion, accuracy, strength, coordination, power, balance, and flexibility, so you can perform at your best!

 If you live in Los Angeles and vicinity, you are eligible for a complimentary consultation and screening tests with  Dr. Gale. 

This service is free of charge and is designed to help you determine your health potential.

It’s offered because most people haven’t had the opportunity to spend time with a Doctor that actually helps people become free of back pain, (or headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, fatigue, etc.) and become naturally healthy.
It’s provided free because people don’t want to spend money and not receive beneficial communication, testing, or information.
Your consultation will allow you to express your health concerns and aspirations in detail.
You will be educated about how your body works and the influences that can inhibit your body’s ability to maintain itself.

The screening includes numerous painless tests will allow you to see how your body is functioning, and where there might be stress that adversely affects your health.
At the conclusion, Dr. Gale will personally discuss your goals and options with you. If referral is required it will be provided.
There is no further obligation or commitment.
Perhaps you can feel better and have more energy! Call Julie or Debbie to make an appointment today (323) 663-7736.