Chiropractic and Athletic Performance


Chiropractic and Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance Improvement, Accelerated Recovery

Chiropractic is well known to improve athletic performance, prevent sport injuries, and accelerate recovery from injury or hard training. With Doctors of Chiropractic serving on almost every nation’s Olympic Team, with Chiropractic holding official status with the USOC and serving almost every US Olympic Athlete: – the results of chiropractic cannot be denied. Coaches and athletes are aware of terms such as enhanced performance, performance improvement, accelerated recovery, restoration and regeneration. .
Many coaching conferences discuss strategies on these aspects of exercise, competition, sports and athleticism.

An interesting study was performed and published way back in 1991. The Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation published findings that demonstrate significant increases in athletic performance after a twelve week program of Chiropractic treatment.

Athletic Ability Research:
Male and female athletes between the ages of 18 and 42, representing a variety of sports backgrounds, were recruited to participate in this study. None had ever before been under chiropractic care. Each of these participants underwent eleven separate tests, each test designed to measure a specific aspect of athletic performance. Then, half the participants were evaluated through chiropractic analysis and placed on a twelve week program of chiropractic treatment ( consistent regimen of chiropractic, similar to a consistent regimen of physical athletic training/ exercise ). ( measured aspects: side step test, dodging run, right boomerang run, modified bass tests of dynamic balance, vertical power jump, standing broad jump, distance perception jump, horizontal linear space test, nelson hand reaction test, nelson speed of movement test, nelson choice of response-movement test )

All subjects continued to train and practice as usual in their sports. At the half-way point of six weeks, they were all reevaluated and changes in scores for each group were compared. All increases in performances by each group were measured by the average percent of change in all eleven tests combined.

The control group, those not receiving chiropractic care, showed slight improvement in eight of eleven tests ( this group had been training ‘as usual’ for the time period ). By combining the average percentages of change on each test it was found that the control group showed an overall improvement of 4.5%.

Those receiving chiropractic treatment (along with their ‘usual training’), the test group, had dramatically different results. They showed improvement on all eleven tests for a total 10.7% average increase after six weeks. And when retested again after the second six week period of care this test group demonstrated a remarkable 16.7% average increase in athletic ability.
Considering that one/ onehundredth of a second ( 1/100th ) is the difference between win or lose, 16.7% is HUGE!

As an athlete myself (Pure Fun) my aim is to have you realize faster reaction times, more accuracy, better balance and dexterity, efficiency of motion, greater power and stamina, as well as better resistance to injury and faster recovery from injury.

Dr. Stan Gale
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